“While visiting a local business, I slipped and fell in the parking lot due to unsafe conditions in the lot. I suffered several broken bones and bruising. This fall impacted all aspects of my life. I could not drive, lost wages due to recovery time for my injuries, caused a financial strain for my family, and I endured a lot of pain post-fall. Brett was very helpful in navigating through the process of my case.”

“While out driving with my kids one day, a driver failed to stop at a stop sign, and hit our car. I sustained significant injuries, plus my kids had minor to moderate injuries. My car was totaled. I was really feeling alone. I had known Brett and Tawan for many years, so I thought to turn to them for help. I trusted their experience and judgment. They were that key link between me and the insurance company that I needed and appreciated. Thanks!”

“I was out running on a sunny, clear winter day on my usual route when I was hit by a car in a marked crosswalk. Not only was I surprised by the impact, but the fact the driver drove off without stopping. To add insult to injury, the driver’s insurance company made me a settlement offer that I felt was low given my injuries. My injuries kept me from being as active as I was used to, and that was truly frustrating. As a fellow runner and triathlete, Brett was sympathetic to my situation. He was great in explaining the perspective of the insurance company and developing a strategy for my case. In the end, I received a settlement more than double the initial offer. Thank you!”