Health is a state of mind; Wellness is a state of being.

Society reminds us to take good care of our bodies and to be mindful of our health. It is why we put on our seatbelts, cross the street at crosswalks, and keep an eye out for hazards everywhere.

However, despite being cautious, life can be unpredictable. Even when you do everything possible to keep yourself safe, someone else’s reckless behavior can cause serious harm to you or your loved ones. In the United States, people who cause personal injury to others through negligence or on purpose are liable for damages.

Personal injury law is known for being extremely complex, and liability is not always easy to determine. At Wieburg Law Offices, PLLC, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to navigate this complicated field and help clients better understand the system.

Personal Injury Due to Negligence

Preventable injuries caused by the neglect of property and standard safety procedures are one of the most common reasons for a personal injury suit.

Safety standards, printed warnings, and similar precautions are mandated to help keep people safe. Some of the most common types of
lawsuits that are linked to negligence include:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents. Did you experience a fall due to poorly maintained property standards? You may deserve compensation.
  • Animal Attacks. Untrained animals are a menace, and a serious threat. If you were injured due to an animal bite, you have the right to hold its owner liable for damages.
  • Medical Negligence and Misconduct. Doctors are meant to heal, not harm. If a doctor’s mistake, willful neglect, or malicious behavior hurt you or a loved one, you deserve to fight for compensation in court.
  • Construction Accidents. Construction work can easily become deadly if OSHA safety standards are not adhered to and practiced daily. You have the right to blow the whistle on unsafe working conditions that led to your physical injury.

People who are injured because others simply didn’t care to follow the rules do not deserve the suffering they are experiencing. That’s why we are proud to offer our services to people who need them the most.

Injury Related to Vehicle Accidents

You did what you could to stay safe. You used the crosswalks. You observed local traffic laws and buckled your seatbelt. The driver in the other vehicle was not so safety conscious.

Vehicular accidents can cause life-long damage that impede your ability to work or even perform basic daily functions.

Bills relating to injuries caused by car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can quickly add up. The same can be said about the loss of wages due to injuries victims suffered. The right lawyer can assist you with getting compensated for the accident, and will work hard on your behalf.

Personal Injury Defense

Sometimes, innocent people are accused of causing injury to others—even when they did everything possible to prevent injury. When you are accused of something so terrible, it can be both a traumatic event as well as a financially devastating one. It can be hard to make sense of it all.

A personal injury case can be one of the hardest types of case to win, simply because the burden of proof is on the accused rather than the accuser. To prevail in a personal injury case, you will need a lawyer who has experience and a true understanding of the legal system.

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