How Wieburg Law can help if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident

We are uniquely positioned to help you with your motorcycle accident case. Brett Wieburg is a member of the American Motorcycle Association and ABATE. He brings passion and focus to his clients who have been involved in motorcycle accidents. Riders have a special place in Brett’s heart because he is and always will be one.

Motorcycle accidents can have unique and complicating circumstances and our experience with not just this type of law, but as riders, helps us to understand the intricacies of motorcycle accidents.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Board, although the number of motorcycle riders killed in crashes dropped 3% in 2017, “motorcycle riders are still overrepresented in traffic fatalities”. Even though motorcycles accounted for 3% of all registered vehicles in the US in 2016, motorcyclists accounted for 14 % of all traffic fatalities. You can view the NHTSA’s Traffic Safety facts for Motorcycles here.

When accidents involve Motorcycles, there are factors to consider where someone who has in-depth knowledge of not just riding, but the data around accidents and possible distinctive factors can help get you the best possible resolution to your case.

We know, and understand, the passion that riding brings to so many of us. We will bring that same passion to your case.

Meet Brett Wieburg

From cruisers to adventure touring bikes to high performance sport motorcycles, Brett hasn’t found a bike that he didn’t love. When he’s not coaching football, spending time with his family or fighting for you in the courtroom, you’ll often find Brett and his GSXR1000 at the local racetrack, serving as an instructor in the Basic Rider Course, or working with state legislators to enact responsible laws pertaining to motorcycles.


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We encourage everyone to think carefully about safe riding and what we can all do to help reduce accidents and the severity of accidents when they do happen.  Visit the NHTSA Motorcycle safety page for more information and a refresher on how we can all promote and be safer riders.